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I Luminari

Puglia symbol

Puglia symbol

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Representation of our beloved land, Puglia. Decorated with the Italian tricolor.

Symbol of our region.

Being born in this land is one luck . Living there, a privilege .

Since I was a child I have dreamed of new worlds, a different future, elsewhere... What seemed obvious to me as a child is no longer so.

You would be missed, my Puglia . So much so, to die for. And if one day I had to move away, I am sure that the urge to always return to pamper myself with my roots . Especially with the start of the sunny season…

The strong smell of the sea, the calm and that feeling of well-being that a small port at sunset, with a calm sea, cannot compete even with the 7 wonders of the world.

If any of you, reading this, think that I am exaggerating, it is because they are not children of this land, I am sure.

If you are born here, you have all this in your soul .

Therefore you have to come . At least once in your life you should do it.


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