About us

A company founded in 2021 by two under 25 year old guys from San Vito dei Normanni who love technology and are strongly rooted in the Apulian tradition.

I Luminari mainly produce decorative lights made with 3D printers using plant-based materials and cutting-edge electronic components. Using this process, we aim to make this form of traditional lighting accessible to everyone.

Our services

- Decorative lights
- Night lights
- Custom made lights
- Prototypes and their realization
- Modelling and 3D printing for technical and food use
(analysis and reconstruction of pre-existing objects with any modifications)
- Graphic consulting
- Creation of logos and coordinated images
- Advertising graphics
- Typographics print

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Via Annunziata, 32
72019 San Vito dei Normanni, Brindisi, PUGLIA

Our opening hours:
Monday Saturday
9.30am - 1pm
6pm - 9pm