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I Luminari

Rezza Sanvitese

Rezza Sanvitese

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One of the characteristics that certainly strikes a visitor who travels the streets of the town for the first time is the presence of the so-called R ezze 🪟

Be careful what you say when you stop in front of one of them, the habit of housewives is to stay inside their homes, behind the R ezze , to observe and listen to what happens outside, without being observed!

They are 'coverings' of the door, made with horizontal wooden slats, equidistant from each other, and held together by bands of fabric on which the slats are nailed or "stapled" and serve primarily to protect the wooden door from strong and burning rays of the sun and rain and, especially during the summer period, keep the door open to allow a continuous circulation of air without the entry of insects or prying eyes

Package Contents: 1x R ezza Sanvitese

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