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I Luminari

Iper-Combo prickly pear shovel

Iper-Combo prickly pear shovel

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LED color

You can personalize your luminaria for free by adding your name or initials. If you also want to customize the color of the LEDs or the color of the material used , click here and fill out the form after placing the order.

The prickly pear shovel has become one of the symbols of our land, Puglia, which was born from Mexican contamination at the beginning of the 1400s. Never before can it represent today's events made up of contaminations from the Mediterranean which contribute to enriching our cultural heritage.
3D printed with Polylactic Acid with a velvety matt finish illuminated by warm or cold white basic LED diodes with yellow, red, pink and blue leaves, worked manually.

Heights: Single 68 cm.

Each Prickly Pear Shovel is powered by a simple 5V USB type-C cable and furthermore, except for the small version, it is possible to connect others in series or recharge the phone thanks to a USB output.

All the products shown below are for internal use only or in places protected from bad weather and the sun. This is because they are made with a compostable and eco-sustainable material derived from corn starch! Since we create handcrafted and tailor-made products, order processing times can vary from one to five working days.

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