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I Luminari

Rectangular White Lantern

Rectangular White Lantern

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Enter the name with which you want to personalize your luminaria in the Personalization field! After completing the order, send the 3 photos you want to include in your lantern to the email with the subject " LANTERN ATTACHMENTS #ORDER ".

Attention horizontal photos could be cropped! Ideal image ratio 3:4

Lantern with 3D printed PLA+ lithophanes . The faces of the lantern are 3D printed in subsequently processed Polylactic Acid. Each image is fully customizable and the price may vary depending on the image chosen.

Lantern dimensions:
15cm x 15cm x

Package contents:
- Lantern with lithophanes including wire and power supply

To request a quote for your event or further customize your lighting click here and fill out the form, you will be contacted for clarifications or to proceed with the order.

All the products shown below are for internal use only or in places protected from bad weather and the sun. This is because they are made with a compostable and eco-sustainable material derived from corn starch! Since we create handcrafted and tailor-made products, order processing times can vary from one to five working days.

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