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Bedside Sayings - RGBW

Bedside Sayings - RGBW

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RGBW bedside sayings

You can personalize your luminaria for free by adding your name or initials. If you also want to customize the color of the LEDs or the color of the material used, write to us .

Have you been to Puglia and the dialect captivated you? Here are some bedside sayings to express your mood of the day in Apulian (and otherwise). Let your mood light up your room, for better or for worse. Remember that after the storm the sun always comes back, meh meh!

3D printed with Polylactic Acid with a velvety matte finish illuminated by manually worked RGBW LED diodes. The base has its own remote control and can be connected to Wi-Fi, which can be synchronized with Alexa and Google Assistant.

Bundle Packages One, Two, Three and all sayings include basic RGBW while all other items are interchangeable prints only.

There are currently 9 sayings listed below with 3 sayings included. The other sayings can be purchased in bundles of 3 pieces or all together for greater savings!
- I'll study today too tomorrow
- If life is hard sponzala (Sponzala, like a frisa it must be softened)
- I'm anxious (for all students)
- Mena meh (hurry up, don't dawdle, get a move on)
- Mamma la capu (I'm going crazy)
- Na frittu purpi (you've come a long way to get here)
- Na faita, nà (you really don't feel like working today)
- Sajetta! (I'm sorry, one thing is obvious, you were very fast)

- At the crossroads BIVI (no comments needed)

Heights: L 28 x H 10.

Every luminary it is powered by a simple 5V USB type-C cable.

All the products shown below are for internal use only or in places protected from bad weather and the sun. This is because they are made with a compostable and eco-sustainable material derived from corn starch! Since we create handcrafted and tailor-made products, order processing times can vary from one to five working days.

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