Un tamburello per il riconoscimento Ezio D'agnano

A tambourine for the Ezio D'agnano recognition



How it was born:

On 17 June 2007, the young lawyer Vincenzo D'Agnano from San Vito died prematurely in San Vito dei Normanni, after having courageously fought against a serious illness.
Ezio - as he was known among all - was a very active boy in the social sphere, in volunteering, in the world of sport and local politics, but he was above all a believer who identified greatly with the cult of the saints venerated in his country. In 2004 he had, in fact, contributed to the birth of the "Comitato Festa San Vincenzo Ferreri", of which he was the first member.
The Committee had set itself the aim of reinvigorating the cult of the patron saint of San Vito dei Normanni, re-evaluating the festival which was traditionally held in October.
When he passed away, the whole city was upset, obviously first and foremost the friends of his Party Committee. Thus, it was thought to find a way that on the one hand would commemorate his person among future generations, and on the other his commitment to the patron saint's festivals, which could be an example for every citizen of San Vito. These events arise, in fact, from the indispensable silent work of citizens who engage in them with self-sacrifice without any profit-making purpose, driven by the common good, by love for their roots and above all by devotion to their patrons.

Who is it delivered to:

Born with the idea of ​​being addressed to a person who had particularly distinguished himself in social issues during the year or to some important guest who had attended the patronal festival, the custom of offering it to the most famous artist has become consolidated who comes to perform during the party.

The award has been a tambourine since its inception and this year for the fifteenth edition we were the ones who created it. Illuminated and personalized by entering your award information. This gesture goes to Gemelli DiVersi for their unfailing commitment to social issues with for example the collaboration with Telefono Azzurro or the album "Fuego".

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